Ingame screenshot of spiderslaughter

It was time for another ludumdare! Ludumdare 27!, Ludumdare is a game making competition where you have to make a game within 48 hours! More info at: The theme this time was “10 seconds”, A really simple game you could make with that theme is to kill as much of something in 10 seconds! and … Read more!

Small image for the break out game

I decided to play around with the canvas element of HTML5. I made a simple breakout game. With the help of the kineticJS libary it was really easy to make a game. I used about 6 hours to figure out of how the libary works and how to make a simple game. Later i spend another 3 … Read more!

Ingame screenshot of the ludumdare 26 game

This is a game i made in less then 48 hours for ludumdare 26! In this game you have four pads wich you use to keep the ball on the screen. The colors constantly change and smaller pads fly over the screen changed the position of the ball if they hit it. Ludumdare is a … Read more!

Welcome on,

On this website you can find all kind of projects I do. These include games, websites and software for on your desktop.
If you are looking to get in contact with me, you can send me an email. details are on the contact page.

I think combining programming and games is a good way to learn programming, so if you are learning to program games in Java combined with LWJGL and are stuck with something you can also drop me an email.
If you are a programmer and looking for help with your programming, you can also send me a mail and if I got some time i might be able to help you out.