Time runner

This game is made for the mini ludumdare #57 that ran between 20-February-2015 till 27-February-2015

I made this game using Java and the LibGDX Framework.

You can check out the ludumdare page here or download the game here.


Trapped in a time loop you’re determined to find an exit.
Walk around to collect time fragments and place bombs to make ways through the walls. Make sure no one sees you.


– Arrow or WASD keys to walk around.
– Space-bar to place bombs


You can turn sound and music on or off when you’re in the game. they are small buttons in the bottom left corner.

System requirements:

-The ability to run a 1280×720 windowed screen.


– Tons of animations
– Music
– Epic sounds
– Voice!
– Randomly generated levels
– Time travel
– Super fast turn based game play
Time runner gif

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