Yeti Destruction – Ski Resort

A game made for ludumdare 33 in which you play as a big yeti who is planning on destroying all the trees on his way down the hill, running over all the other skiers and hit ski jumps. All this while having an amazing time skiing Read more!

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Lost in Space

Lost in Space is an addictive endless dodger. You dodge asteroids and collect coins. Lost in Space is made for Indies VS Gamers game jam hosted on Game Jolt and presented by Pewdiepie, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. Read more!

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Super sandwich shuffle

Super sandwich shuffle is a game in which you shuffle ingredients in a puzzle field to complete orders. each day the orders get harder. very challenging and very addictive. Read more!

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Card Maniac

Card Maniac is a game in which you play as a naked guy, who is throwing cards at ghosts to scare them away, otherwise the ghost steal your cards. Don't forgot the collect your cards again after throwing them, otherwise other ghosts might steal them from the ground! Read more!

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Time runner

Time runner is a game made for the mini ludumdare #57. You play as a guy trapped in a time loop. collecting energy blobs and hidding from old selfs. Place bombs to break to walls. Play now for free. Read more!

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Pully is an android game where you pull rows of blocks to combine 3 or more of the same color blocks to score points. Currently with 3 different game modes! Available for free on the android play store. Read more!

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Party Popper

Party Popper is a small free game made for the Cobalt Game jam #1. Play as an flying evil eye and shoot balloons out of the kids hands. Very evil! You'll love it. Read more!

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Rifle Rambler

Rifle rambler is a game made for ludumdare 30. Its a game where you have unlimited bullets, rockets and mines. Use these to kill waves of bad guys. Set in a gravity defying world! Read more!

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Demon dungeon

Demon dungeon is a 2d dungeon crawler made for the ludum dare 29 jam. All dungeons are randomly generated. And the movement is turn based. Find the exit while battling fearsome demons. Read more!

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