Card Maniac

Card Maniac

Card Maniac


I made a game for Ludumdare 32 where you play a naked guy who has gone a bit crazy about his cards, also known as the card maniac, and judging by his red eyes and strong gaze, he’s probably on drugs. The goal of this game is to kill the ghosts who are out to steal your cards. But you’re a naked guy and all you have is a deck of cards to kill the ghosts with. Throw your cards at the ghosts to make them disappear and then quickly pick up your cards again before the other ghosts steal them, while also making sure the ghosts don’t touch you, as they will pick pocket a card! When you’re out of cards and a ghost touches you its game over.

After not being able to join Ludumdare 31 I was really excited about Ludumdare 32 which started at 17 april and ended at 20 april. The theme was “An Unconventional Weapon”.

I ran into quite a bit of problems while writing the collision detection part of my game. I had to rewrite it about 4 times and I am still not happy with it. But since it already cut away too much time (And therefore, also features) I decided to just keep it as it is.

Overall, I am still quite pleased with it. I hope you enjoy it too and don’t forget to check out the disco mode (Press U) (Warning: flashing objects.)

Please check it out by downloading it from my page!
If you’re looking for the ludumdare page dedicated for this game click here.


– WASD or the arrow keys to walk around.
– Spacebar to jump
– Click to throw a card
– U for discomode (Warning: flashing objects.)

System requirements

– Java
– The ability to run a 720×480 windowed screen.


– Ghosts with monocles
– Card throwing
– Pixel art
– Sounds
– Card Maniac

Card Maniac Gameplay