Lost in Space

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Lost in Space

A game made for the Indies VS Gamers game jam hosted on Game Jolt. The goal for this game jam was to create a game based around the theme: Arcade. It was also required to implement a scoreboard using the Game Jolt API.

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The gameplay consist of dodging asteroids and collecting coins to score points. There is no objective other than surviving as long as you can with 3 lives. The game is over when you bump into the asteroids 3 times or fly of screen and stay there for more than 3 seconds. Your final score will be calculated based of your total distance traveled and the amount of collected coins.

If you have a Game Jolt account you can compete for a place on the scoreboards. There are 3 scoreboards to on which you can get a place; Most coins collected, Largest distance traveled, Total score.

Lost in Space gameplay

Dodging asteroids and collecting coins

Gameplay video