Super sandwich shuffle

Super sandwich shuffle

Super sandwich shuffle

Super sandwich shuffle is a game made for the letscookjam hosted by Jupiter Hadley from April 24th 2015 till May 3nd 2015. The goal of the jam was to create a game that had to do with food in some way.

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The idea

The idea for super sandwich shuffle came from the shipwrightery puzzle in the game Puzzle Pirates, an MMO game. The goal is to complete orders by moving the ingredients on the board, and when the ingredients form the same shape as the order, you move the order into the field and complete the order. The orientation of the ingredients does not matter, as long as the ingredients are the same.

Super sandwich shuffleGameplay

Instead of levels, Super sandwich shuffle uses days. At the start of each day you will see the menu, these are the sandwiches a customer can order. Every day a new menu item will get added, a bigger sandwich, this sandwich is harder to make. after 9 days all the menu items will be unlocked.

If you can’t fill an order in time the customer will go away angry and you’ll lose your combo streak. Combo streaks will increase the score you get for filling an order. If you request new ingredients or move an ingredient, you will lose your combo streak. So it is important to prepare multiple orders and finish them all at once.

If you can’t complete enough orders and you can not get a 1 star rating on your restaurant, your game is over and you have to retry again!

 IngredientsSuper sandwich shuffle ingredients

There are 6 different ingredients and 2 special pieces.

Bread, Can not move on its own, can be swapped with other pieces.
Ham, Can move left and right.
Cheese, Can move up or down.
Lettuce, Can move diagonally.
Eggs, Can move like the knight chess (Horse) piece.
Tomatoes, They can move in any direction, but not like eggs.
Powder, Can not be moved, but may be used as any other piece. So if you’re missing a piece of bread, you can use this powder instead.
Olive, The olive pins the ingredients down, and therefore the ingredients can not be moved anymore. The ingredients can still be used as if they have no olive, just not move.


The art for the game is drawn by Kirsty White. I think she’s a good artist. For my art by Kirsty you can check out her DeviantArt.

This is not the first game I made with Kirsty, a while back we made Party Popper. Which was our first project together and her first game project. It was also her idea to use Super Sandwich Shuffle as the name for the game.


The voice in this game is by Jupiter Hadley, she hosted this game jam.

Jupiter has a YouTube channel on which she plays all the indie games, mainly from game jams. I suggest you check it out.


Super sandwich shuffle is written in Java with the LibGDX Framework.

When I started developing this game I took the core code from demon dungeon, because i remembered that demon dungeon had a pretty solid core, and i stripped it down to its bare minimum. Then heavily modified the core code to better support multiple states and screens with different camera’s and spritebatches.

I also added an upgraded content loader to it, this is a class i wrote for another project and works perfect for loading content into the game. Sounds, music, textures, it will load it all into the game memory and keep it there until it’s no longer needed. When you want to use a texture for something the content loader will first check if the texture is already loaded and then try to load it.