Yeti Destruction – Ski Resort

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Yeti Destruction – Ski Resort

A game made for ludumdare 33 in which you play as a big yeti which sole goal is to destroy the trees and terrorize the other people who are currently skiing at the same ski resort.

Download Yeti Destruction – Ski Resort here!


You play as a yeti who is having the time of his life at a ski resort at an unknown location. He’s having a lot of fun by skiing over other skiers, destroying trees and making jumps. The goal of the game is to score as many points as you possibly can before reaching the finish line. You can score points by skiing over other skiers, destroying trees, making jumps or going through gates.

But be sure to dodge the snowballs which are rolling down the hills as well; they will destroy everything on their path and give you minus points when they hit you.

yeti destruction ski resort

The AI

The other skiers have an AI attached to them, they try to hit gates and go for jumps. They also try to dodge the tree’s (which they’re not very good at) and the snowball which is rolling down the hill. When the yeti comes too close to them they’ll also try to run away. The way this AI works is really simple. Every second they get the option to move or not to move, if they decide to move they will look in the near area for points that would be interesting to move to. For example if there is a jump nearby they mark that as a point of interest. And when there is a tree nearby they will mark two points on either side of the tree to move towards to, in order to attempt to dodge the tree. Then, of all the marked points, they will pick a random point to move to (not very smart).

This AI could be improved by giving points a weight. and then the AI will always pick the target which weights the most. For example, dodging a tree seems more important than going for a jump, so the AI will pick that point.