3 programmable games

programmable games

programmable games

For those who can’t get enough of programming and even wanna do it in their free time while playing games, here are 3 programmable games.

MinecraftComputerCraft Turtle

By default Minecraft doesn’t offer a whole lot of options to program, almost none. Sure you can consider command blocks a programmable block, or maybe you’ve build a computer in Minecraft using redstone. But neither of these are programmable in a way you would expect to be programming. Luckily Minecraft knows a lot of mods, I want to mention ComputerCraft in particular. ComputerCraft is a very popular mod for Minecraft which adds a few new blocks, which are programmable, like a mining turtle or a computer. You can program these blocks using the programming language Lua. This mod allows you to create simple tunnel digging turtles, or a complex network of turtle who all interact with each other. There are a lot of tutorials and scripts available on the ComputerCraft forums! Go check it out.

kOS scriptable autopilotKerbal Space Program

Just as with Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program doesn’t allow for a lot of programming by default. But hurray for the modding community! Kerbal Space Program knows a plugin that allows you to program your rockets before launching it. Allowing you to launch your communication satellites without needing to do anything, except programming of course. This plugin is named kOS Scriptable Autopilot System, and if you’re into Kerbal Space Program and programming, I really recommend to check it out.


TIS-100 is a game almost completely dedicated to programming. It’s an open ended programming puzzle game in which you program a corrupted computer to reveal its secrets, this game is “the assembly language puzzle game that nobody asked for.” This game used the programming language Assembly and comes with a whole manual for it, and because of that it is not just for everyone. The learning curve is very steep if you’re not familiar with low level programming. But if you’re a real program fanatic then this game is perfect for you.

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