Pully 2 – development progress 1

Pully 2 - playfield

Pully! the web version.

I am currently working on a new game, Pully 2!

The previous version is for android only, this version is going to be made for the web. Pully 2 is currently playable on gamejolt and I will update it every time I add new things to the game. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have feedback by commenting on the gamejolt page, leave a comment here or send me a tweet.


About Pully 2

The core game play is not going to change very much from the first version. You drag whole rows and/or columns to get 3 blocks in a row and score points by doing so. In the new version there are going to be a few new block types. Aside from the default block, which doesn’t do anything special, I made a new block type already. Its the locked block, this block will stop you from moving the row and column it is in. Another type of block I will probably add to the game is an exploding block.

Aside from the 3 game modes in Pully 1 (Timed, Clear the field and Endless), there will be a few more game modes, maybe some game modes where you have to clear all the bombs within a certain time.

Game modes

The currently playable modes are Clear and Endless.


In this game mode you clear the board of all its blocks. No new blocks will fall into the field. I have currently not yet made a game over detection for this game mode. I will do this soon.

Pully 2 - Clear the field


This game mode never ends. you can’t win this mode, you stop whenever you’re done with it. New blocks will spawn in every time you remove some.

Pully 2 - endless mode

Future plans

Future plans for Pully 2 would involve more types of blocks, like the bomb kind mentioned earlier, and more game modes for a more variety to the game play.

I also plan on integrating gamejolt’s achievement system and high score systems, with an in-game leader board. This makes the game a bit more competitive.


So, don’t hesitate and try the current version and leave me some feedback. Idea’s are welcome too!

Play it here! http://gamejolt.com/games/puzzle/pully/72060/

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